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Subject:"yay for apartments"
Posted:12:32 p.
Mood: tired.
seriously i forgot about livejournal.
well the news today is that im moving out into an apartment for next school year.
so now i dont have to worry about living with some random asshole.
i also forgot about my website, that i will revamp in the summer when ill have nothing to do.
well fuck i dunno im out.
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Posted:03:17 p.
Mood:dont want to sit for two hours in class.
-Behind Me Lies Another Fallen Soldier-

I want to bring you all that is in my heart
I want to give you my everything
But I’ve failed you so many times
How can I stand here before you
When I begin to steal what only belongs to you?
I am able to bring you nothing that isn’t already yours
I am so ashamed of what I ever called my own
Take what I have, take these broken remains
What can I give you that you don’t already deserve?
You laid down your life when I refused to give mine
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Posted:12:19 a.
Mood: sore.
i cant believe im this bored...

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Subject:i don't think we're getting enough sleep because there's not enough hours of the day to be with u
Posted:11:01 a.
What would you care about the promises I made to you? All yours are broken, shattered and blown away. And now its to late to take back what every tear has said. And I lock my heart away, save it for a better day. But I know it may never come. And it might be selfish to say, so many care about me. It's just hard when no one understands. Just walk away with all you never did.

"Spending time with you is my favorite past time. "
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Subject:try but you can't bring me down
Posted:03:09 p.
H2o pic from rolling stone. com
You are H2O. You're probably a New York Hardcore
fan, straightedge and possibly vegan. You mix
punk sound with typical hardcore lyrics. You
make good music known as hardcore punk, you're
very cool in my book.

What punk band are you?
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i aint no fucking vegan or striaghtedge. just cuz toby is the only straightedge one doesnt mean that the whole band is straightedge. i love the water.

i just got out of a test and now i want to pass out. man fat tuesday is tommarow and i want to get fucked up and see some boobies but i cant. i have a test i need to pass on wednesday so i should just study for that. fucking school.
i want to play again. ive been messing around with some hybrid styles that i think could be cool bu tim not sure yet cuz we havent practiced yet. david if you read this talk to johnny d and see if we can play one of these days.

"The signal flares will light the way to the scene of the accident, where we'll dance like a pile of teeth in a broken mouth. Such a sick celebration. Everyone loves a tragedy in epic proportions. Lets set our hearts at self-destruct. Like scarlet drips on a white tile floor. A cardiac metronome. We'll scrape the guardrail from our teeth and start again. There's a flood in the infirmary where we'll swim through broken glass. Our prosthetic limbs will keep us afloat. Lets set our hearts at self-destruct."
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Subject:two lyrics that have been stuck in my head for days...
Posted:12:04 p.
It's too late to talk to you
And it's too soon to say good-bye
Listen where ever you may be
You still live inside my mind

Something tells me that you are free again
In a place that feels like home

It's never easy to understand
Why memories hold our hand
But people let go
Such a sickening perspective, I guess its my reflection showing through. Complexion so pale, I finally see the mark I left on you. Is it worth the time to dig up the past when its been buried for so long? So you just turn away, pretend things will never change. I gave you more credit than that. And its a sad fact, because I realize that maybe I was wrong this entire time. Naive eyes let me see only what I wanted to. I guess you can't change what other people do. its not fair, its not right to hold you so tight, to keep you in this noose. But I must let you know, no matter how you feel, you meant something to me. Its not the loss of a friend, its a death in the family. Its not like I will never see you again, we'll hang out just like old friends. And if things aren't the same, I still have my memories. And like I said, the still mean something to me. I'll miss you when you're gone.

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Subject:on my own
Posted:02:34 p.
Mood:sad-wishing i could turn back time.

My life is rated NC-17.
What is your life rated?

i need motavation or inspiration right now. i cant let go. i dunno when i will.
thank you mar, i love you. you make me feel so much better. get well.

now back to psp-
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Subject:"been over this before,"
Posted:11:27 a.
Mood: depressed/sad/alone/angry.
well thats it, its over.

"so many times left alone this was my only home."
"..all i see what youve done to me, foreve instilled in me,"
"..i gave everything."

"...cuz if this ever dies, i fucking die."

Life and Death For Me-
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Subject:failure comes in two forms, and i am one of them.
Posted:08:32 a.
when things are finally looking up for me i go and blow it. but did i really blow it? cant i have my own freedom, my space, my security without having to give up everything?
i feel like im losing this one. if i cant be myself then what am i doing here?

Your halo slipping down to choke you now
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Subject:"Natalie Imbruglia and Daniel Johns have been married in a private ceremony today."
Posted:03:39 a.
Mood:feeling good.
my new site: .
itll be updated later, way later once i install my new hard drive.
and then i have to get back to designing new graphics.

"All the bridges in the world
Won't save you
If there is no other side
To cross to"
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